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The Empowered in Color Podcast: Helping People of Color Thrive in Business and in Life

Feb 11, 2021

Last month, we hosted our 2nd Annual Empowered Summit! It was a success, though not in the ways that I expected, and this week I'm sharing lessons learned as a result. Whether you are interested in hosting virtual events or just like attending them, you are bound to learn something new in today's episode!

You'll learn about: 

  • What it takes to host a virtual event
  • Tools to use for virtual events
  • What worked for this year's event
  • What didn't work for the event
  • My honest failures and struggles in the process
  • What to expect for next year's summit and future virtual events we host
  • How you can catch this year's summit even if you missed it

Mentioned on this week's episode:

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