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The Empowered in Color Podcast: Helping People of Color Thrive in Business and in Life

Apr 18, 2018

When you have a lot of interests or obligations on your mind, it's easy to get burnt out. The more you try to convince yourself that you're not burnt out, the worse your fall will be. Take it from someone who took two years to recover from their burnout. 

Sit back, and relax as I give you some tips to prevent...

Apr 6, 2018

When it comes to starting up a business, it's easy to undermine your value out of fear that no one will be willing to pay for your products or services. Thanks to a supportive group of both clients and colleagues, Mikli Jorge was able to come to terms with her value and find the confidence to charge her worth. 


Apr 6, 2018

Crowdfunding is a viable way to validate your idea while raising startup funds at the same time. The Empowered in Color Podcast was able to come to life thanks to Kickstarter. This episode goes into crowdfunding for podcasts--products that you can normally consume for free. 


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Apr 6, 2018

Representation and accessibility to resources are important. People in marginalized communities have historically had a lack of both of these things. We all have to work for a living and are all trying to "make it" in this world. We want to help you out. This is why Empowered in Color exists. 


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